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Every Cup is UNIQUE
Use different ingredients for different styles
Glaze color viewed with a magnifying glass
The most beautiful patterns and colors in the world

Jianzhan's production

  • A thousand years of history
  • Each Jianzhan Cup is unique
  • All procedures are done by hand, and mechanical processing is rejected
  • Each: more than 300 hours of production time
  • Process: more than 50 different steps
  • Calcining temperature: 1380 ℃
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Solemnly declare: Free of heavy metals such as mercury and lead

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Important Historical Event:
Jianzhan is a tea cup / bowl of porcelain covered with iron glaze called Tenmoku glaze, and it has been a typical shape. It is famous since Chinese Song Dynasty (960-1279). On May 23, 2011, the kiln building and firing technology was included in the Third Batch of International Intangible Cultural Heritage. In Sep. 2017 BRICS Meeting, Jianzhan were given as national gifts to the leaders of countries attending the meeting.

The reason for the rich color

  • Different raw material recipes
  • Made at different temperatures
  • Long-term use

Jianzhan's Use Value
Exquisite Handiwork, Delicate Decoration,The colorful and natural fambed glaze make JIanzhan Cup become a work of art in the ceramic industry, which is observed from different angles with different colors and wonderful changes.
1. Improve the taste of tea;
2. Stimulate and enhance the aroma of tea;
3. Color change after used
3. More styles are suitable for different people
4.Applies more widely: Tea, Matcha, Coffee, Wine, Water

Jianzhan's Collection Value

  • In 2011, Sotheby's London auctioned a South Song(700-800 years ago) Jianzhan for US $ 1116,000;
  • In September 2016, at the Christie's New York auction of "Ancient Heavenly Beauty-Lin Yushan People's Collection (II)", a Southern Song Jianzhan was sold for $ 11.703 million.


  • Condition:completely new
  • Size: Ø9 x 3.8cm
  • Capacity: 100-110(ml)/3.4-3.74(oz)
  • Classical decoration: Home, Office, Club, Livingroom, Lobby, Kitchen
  • Colletable & Valuable: Jianzhan is not only a daily necessary, but also a vintage Crafts, More use and more high collection value

Jianzhan's strict quality control
Each built cup needs to be tested for metal content to ensure that it does not contain harmful substances such as mercury and lead. This is our CE, ROHS certificate and test report

Jianzhan's test report
Jianzhan contains chemical components such as silica, alumina, ferric oxide, and calcium oxide in the tire glaze, Jianzhan's high iron content can continuously release divalent iron ions during use, and Capable of adsorbing chloride ions in water and easily absorbed by the body, thereby increasing the function of hemoglobin carrier and red blood cells.
The main reason for the color change is rich in ferric oxide (content: 6% -10%)

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